What is WinOnLine?

WinOnLine is an Erasmus+ co funded project which main objectives are:

  •  Better understanding of women expectations & needs in learning environments, concerning new technology and e-entrepreneurship;
  •  Improved knowledge & use of pedagogical tools, new technology in educating women over 40 years old with low digital and entrepreneurial skills;
  • Exchange of good practice among partners;
  •  Create the basic theoretical foundations for the implementation of education of digital and entrepreneurial skills to low-skilled and/or low-qualified women over 40 years old;
  •  Get to know low-skilled and/or low-qualified women over 40 years old, as an diverse group of adult learners for whom education is being prepared according to their needs and for them.
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Women constitute 52% of the total European population, but only 34.4% of the EU self-employed and 30% of start-up entrepreneurs are women. At the same time, for a large majority of years and countries for which data are available, women record a higher unemployment rate than men. The problem is much bigger for women over 40 years old, as it is even harder for them to find a job and enter (or re-enter) to the labor market.

For Women job seekers over 40 years old, getting a job is a challenge. By being unemployed for a long time, someone may face additional negative assumptions. Putting together gender, age and prolonged unemployment is something, which makes women over 40 years old a disadvantaged group of citizens.

Therefore, the main concerns of employers regarding older and long-term unemployed women who are seeking a job are:

  •  their skills are out-of-date
  •  their expertise is out-of-date
  •  their cost outweighs their value
  •  they are a hiring risk
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The project shall create and offer freely the following tools for supporting women who want to become e-entrepreneurs:

of existing innovative and effective practices and tools for women e-entrepreneurship
to women to be e-entrepreneurs;
On-line training
programme for women e-entrepreneurs;
to become a mentor of e-entrepreneurship;
aiming at elevating the status of women e-entrepreneurship.

Impact envisaged and the potential long term benefits:
– The tools developed will remain within the work culture of the organisations involved and will become a new way to implement strategic actions aiming at strengthening the e-entrepreneurship for women (especialy women over 40 years old).
– The training methodologies and tools will be available on the website and in the community of educational providers, women associations and organisations for entrepreneurship. They can be used, replicated or adapted to new forms in many ways, reaching an indefinite number of people.
– The network of this project will also become a space where the organisations will be able to share its best practices, tools, methodologies and diffculties and its obtained results.

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Partnership of the project is composed of the following organisations:

  • Ylä-Savo Vocational College (Finland)
  • ERROTU (Spain)
  • APID Torino (Italy)
  • eurosuccess (Cyprus)
  • Letu (Lithuania)
  • p-consulting.gr (Greece)
  • Patras Women Union (Greece)