Women IN Action

Break your Boundaries

You are a woman and sometimes your life is so full of boundaries. Break them by learning new things and integrating them in your everyday life. Take your business idea and make it happen with our help and support.

Women IN Action

Focus on your(e-)self

Just as WinOnLine focuses on women e-entrepreneurship. By creating an innovative training program, aiming to empower you to be more active and self confident, take the risk and make the step to become an e-entrepreneur.

We focus to unemployed women over 40 years old, who are facing difficulties to enter or re-enter to the labour market (low skills and competences, family responsibilities etc) and they want to be e-entrepreneurs, but they have low digital and entrepreneurship skills. Project proposes to answer to the individualized needs of this target group, by helping them create their own e-businesses according to their special needs, priorities and capability.


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