mentoringWomen who will have participated to the piloting of the training course (IO2) and have specific business idea which they want to develop, will be able to participate to business mentoring courses, in which experienced persons (the mentors) will support and encourages them to develop specific skills and knowledge that will help them create their e-business and will maximise their business potential and improve their performance.

Mentoring process will not be the same as training, as mentors will not teach women what they need to know about entrepreneurship, but will listen and ask questions that will challenge the mentees (women over 40 year old who want to be e-entrepreneurs) to identify the course of action they need to take in regards to their own development.

Mentoring process will enhance mentees with:

  • greater clarity on life and career choices and their own career goals
  • different perspectives and cultural values
  • the opportunity to develop new networks of contacts
  • access to new resources and finance

Women In Action
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Mentoring for women aspiring to become e-entrepreneurs

Introduction to the Mentoring Course Mentoring for e-entrepreneurs The mentoring course aims to support women, especially those over 40 years…

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