Mentoring Sessions in Spain

Mentoring Sessions in Spain

The mentoring programme in Spain started the 11.04.2022 and ended the 13.05.2022. In total, 8 women/mentees and 4 mentors participated in this piloting.

Prior to the start of the programme, participants (both mentors and mentees) were recruited during the month of March and a matching process was carried out to create the pairs for the mentoring sessions. This matching process was carried out using a questionnaire to find out the profiles of the mentors and mentees, which allowed us to create the most suitable matches.

Each mentor has had 2 mentees and 4 sessions have been held with each of the them. In addition, these sessions were conducted on an individual basis as all the projects were very different. The mentoring sessions have been carried out online and face-to-face depending on the needs/possibilities of the participants.

As organisers, we have held 2 on-line group meetings with the mentors and we have had regular contact via email with the mentees. Below information about the meetings:

  1. First meeting (19.04.2022): welcome meeting, explanation of the use of the platform and the registration process, discussions about first contact with mentees, resolutions of doubts, etc.
  2. Second meeting (06.05.2022): last meeting to obtain general feedback, to know the degree of quality of the programme, to collect possible improvements, to know the degree of satisfaction of the mentors, etc.

The general feedback in this case has also been very positive, confirming that the material created is useful, although the participants would have liked to have a continuity of the process initiated.