2nd Best national practice and experience from Lithuania

General information

Name of the good practice: “Let’s do business 2009”
Name of the organisations in charge: NGO “Women information center”
Website of the organisation http://www.moteruinformacijoscentras.lt/
E-mail of the organisation mic@lygus.lt
City Vilnius
Country Lithuania
Year 2009-2012
Length of the project/practice 3 years
Is the project/practice ongoing? The project is finished
Link to the training program http://www.moteruinformacijoscentras.lt/darom-versla-2009/
Language of the practice/program Lithuanian

Presentation/Description of the method

The project is based on the idea of different kind of training courses for women to encourage their entrepreneurship. 3 days of general training were designed to help women integrate into labour market or start an individual activity, create their own business. 2 special training programs were developed:
  • 4 days training course “Be entrepreneurial” for women, who want to start their own business or individual activity;
  • 3 days training course “Be visible to the employer” helping to integrate into labour market.
During the project period specialists individual and group consultations were organized. During the project period different type of events were organized like round table, interregional trainings, trainings “Creativity in business”.  

General objectives

  • To empower women experiencing social exclusion to occupy an equal position in the labour market, to start and develop their own business;
  • To strengthen interconnections, share experience, encourage networking between like-minded women and support each other in search of work or building a business;
  • To consolidate or broaden acquired knowledge and skills, share experience between the project participants from different districts and promote their social cooperation;
  • To create short video presentations of participants business ideas using the principles of digital storytelling.

Why it has been selected as good practice

This project was selected as an example of good practise because:
  • 247 women from 11 Lithuania districts were trained;
  • 89 women from 247 found the job;
  • 3 women business were created;
  • 9 business ideas came up during trainings process;
  • 29 commercial videos were created.
Link where you could find commercial videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_HSM-IFBnwfmAiTlALWuUC9jIIl4bn0J  

Final comments

The project was organized by NGO “Women information center”. It is one of the most experienced NGO in Lithuania, whose one of the priorities is to encourage women entrepreneurship.