Mentoring for women aspiring to become e-entrepreneurs

Introduction to the Mentoring Course

Mentoring for e-entrepreneurs The mentoring course aims to support women, especially those over 40 years old, who wish to become e-entrepreneurs through a specialized mentoring process based upon the methodology of WIN on-line. Apart from the skills gained by examining the online training of the project, through the mentoring process, women will acquire the right support and guidance to strengthen their skills and competences regarding e-entrepreneurship.

Mentoring path The mentoring process should consist of at least 4 sessions between the selected mentors and mentees in each country. These can be implemented either physically or online, and either bilaterally (between the mentor and the mentee) or in groups (between the mentor and several or all mentees). The mentoring path and content will be entirely based on the needs of mentees; the participants will be able to ask questions, resolve issues, and be guided through the main steps of creating or developing their enterprise.

Course for becoming a mentor of e-entrepreneurship The purpose of the Course is to provide the capacity and knowledge to mentors who will take over the mentoring sessions and support the mentees in the development of their business ideas. It consists of four modules that focuses on the concept of mentoring, e-entrepreneurship and the methodology of WIN on-line. By attending this Course, mentors will be fully equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills as to how to implement the mentoring sessions and support mentees in the professional development.

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Course Includes

  • 5 Modules
  • 21 Topics