1st Best national practice and experience from United Kingdom

General information

Name of the good practice: Blooming Founders
Name of the organisations or institution in charge: Blooming Founders
City London
Country United Kingdom
1st project year 2015
Is the project ongoing? (time alive) Yes
Website of the organisations https://www.bloomingfounders.com/
E-mail hello@bloomingfounders.com

Presentation/Description of the method

  1st Best national practice and experience from United Kingdom 2 Blooming Founders is a social network that aims to help early stage female entrepreneurs and diverse teams succeed. With their ecosystem of products and services, they want to create new opportunities for female founders and enable them to build profitable businesses. They do this by helping them to expand their network, by providing practical business education and by facilitating access to investors. Blooming Founders creates environments, events and content that help ambitious women build scalable and impactful businesses. Their workspace is a multi-purpose space that meets the real needs of budding entrepreneurs, remote workers and small teams.  

General objectives

The general objectives of Blooming Founders are:
  • To equally empower and enable everyone to turn their ideas profitable businesses, whatever their gender, age, race or societal background
  • To create the best environment for female founders to build the business of their dreams

Target group-participants

Target group of this project are early stage female entrepreneurs, who want to build profitable businesses.  

Why it has been selected as good practice

Blooming Founders is a network aiming in helping female entrepreneurs and diverse groups to succeed. It is useful project for ambitious women who want to build profitable businesses, as it gives the appropriate guidance and advices.  

Final comment

In UK, there are a number of organisations and groups offering support and advice to women in business. Some of them are:
  • All Bright Collective is a unique network with a number of facets that offers an academy – with tailored courses to support business development, an investment fund backed by a community of investors
  • Female Founders Accelerator is a six-month program designed with insights gained from working with over 100 female founders
  • British Association of Women Entrepreneurs (BAWE) is a non-profit professional organisation for UK-based women business owners and is affiliated to the world association of women business owners
  • Code First: Girls is a mission to get more women into tech and entrepreneurship. The multi-award winning social enterprise offers training, a community and corporate events
  • DrivenWoman is a women’s network for ambitious females who want to achieve their goals and dreams. This fast-growing community, founded in 2013, offers monthly workshops where women can come together to support each other and keep each other accountable
  • Everywoman is a membership organisation for women in business with an active network of over 20,000 members
  • Prowess promotes women’s enterprise support and lobbies for sexual equality in business
  • The Female Entrepreneur Association is an online hub with a mission to empower and inspire women globally
  • The Women in Business Network aims to bring together female business owners to help them to promote their businesses