2nd Best national practice and experience from Greece

General information

Name of the good practice: ICON WOM-EN. Integrating Innovation and Promoting Cluster Organization in WOMen Enterprises
Name of the organisations or institution in charge: In Greece: General Secretariat for Gender Equality of the Ministry of Interior of Greece Region of Western Greece Chamber of Corfu
City In Greece: Athens Patras Corfu
Country Greece, Italy
1st project year 2018 (31.05.2018 – 30.05.2020)
Is the project ongoing? (time alive) Yes (24 months duration)
The good practice is to be found at (web.address) https://www.pde.gov.gr/gr/projects/interreg/item/12015-icon-wom-en.html
Website of the organisations www.isotita.gr/ dytikiellada.gr/ http://www.corfucci.gr/kerkyra/shared/index.jsp?context=101
E-mail info@isotita.gr dytikiellada@mou.gr eparkeia@corfucci.gr

Presentation/Description of the method

  2nd Best national practice and experience from Greece 2 The European project "ICON WOM-EN" with the title "Integrating Innovation and Promotion Cluster Organization in WOMen Enterprises" was approved in the framework of the 1st Call for Proposals of the INTERREG VA "Cross-border Cooperation Program" between Greece and Italy. This project aims at developing RIS3 Regional Strategy for Smart Specialization focusing on investing in research, innovation and entrepreneurship by promoting the development of women's entrepreneurial spirit in the regions (Western Greece, Epirus, Ionian Islands and Apulia of Italy). It also aims to develop the capabilities of local stakeholders to provide improved support for women to start up and grow businesses and support for innovative services and clusters in the cross-border area. Finally, through the project, efforts will be made to create a more favourable environment for female entrepreneurship, as through the economic independence of women, the principle of gender equality will be promoted, creating more jobs and stimulating the economy. In the ICON WOM-EN project there are five (5) partners, with Leading Partner (LP) the General Secretariat for Gender Equality of the Ministry of Interior of Greece and the Region of Western Greece (GR), the Chamber of Corfu (GR), the National Federation of Manufacturing Industries of Bari Italy (IT) and the Municipality Maglie Italy (IT).   The expected outputs of the project are:
  • Developing new women businesses and facilitating the operation of existing female businesses
  • Increase the participation of women enterprises in the fields of research, innovation and new technologies, RIS
  • Strengthening the role of stakeholders in supporting women's entrepreneurship in the application areas
  • Show new business clusters
  • Better quality of innovation and extroversion of women's businesses and bigger steps for the survival of newly created women's businesses
  • Strong and competitive female businesses and networks that support the expansion of new business models
  • Increased awareness of the local population and authorities over female entrepreneurship
  • Increased cross-border networking, cooperation, joint exports, joint business plans, etc.
  • Developing new support systems for female entrepreneurship

General objectives

The project aims to promote the development of RIS entrepreneurship in the regions and to build the capacity of local actors to better support women entrepreneurs to start and develop their businesses, providing them with innovative support services and creating entrepreneurial clusters in cross-border area. Also, creating a more positive - favourable environment for the development of female entrepreneurship, while through the empowerment of women, aims to contribute to gender equality as well as to creating more jobs and economic growth. The general objectives of the project are:
  • to develop and promote entrepreneurship, innovation and outreach of working women entrepreneurs in inaccessible regions;
  • to encourage the establishment of women entrepreneurs in areas of high added value, research, innovation and new technologies in areas of RIS);
  • strengthening the role of the participating regions by creating a system of female entrepreneurship in the application areas.

Target group-participants

Target group of this project are women of all ages who wants to start their own businesses or to develop the companies they already have.  

Why it has been selected as good practice

This project has been selected as good practice for the following reasons:
  • ICON-WOMEN, as Win On Line project, has as objective to support women to be entrepreneurs,
  • Both projects are aiming to increase awareness of local population and authorities, concerning women entrepreneurship.

Final comment

  ICON-WOMEN is a very interesting project for supporting female entrepreneurship and as one of the partners (Region of Western Greece) is located in Patras, Greek partners of Win on-line can work together with the Region to increase awareness of the local population and authorities over female entrepreneurship.