Piloting of e-entrepreneurs Training Course & Mentoring in Cyprus

Piloting of e-entrepreneurs Training Course & Mentoring in Cyprus

Mentoring Sessions took place in Cyprus for supporting women in e-entrepreneurship (focusing mainly on women above 40+ years old).

Eurosuccess Consulting has organised thorugh WinOnline’s project, a series of mentoring sessions that were followed after the online training course with main focus on entrepreneurship.


The main aim of the mentoring sessions by the 3 selected mentors was to offer to each of the mentees (12 in total) what they needed to build/develop/pivot or accelerate their entrepreneurial idea in the most effective way.

As mentioned already, WinOnline’s target group was mainly women over 40, women that would like to take an idea further, create their own online business therefore build a company, tranform an existing company to the digital world, understand how the entreprenurial world works and enter into this world with the best possible tools and knowledge – including networking.


The mentoring session took place in smaller groups, in individual one – to – one sessions (each mentee had 3 private workshops with their mentors) and there was a last one that took place with all 3 mentors and all mentees presenting their final idea and exchanging experiences.

An introductory event took place, then 3 more private sessions and a final conclusive one.

1st session: Wednesday, April 6, 2022 – introduing mentors and mentees

2nd, 3rd & 4th  session: Between April 6 & May 4, 2022 – one to one private sessions mentees/mentors

5th session: Friday, May 6, 2022 – Final closing session with all mentees and mentors sharing experiences and ideas

Summary of mentoring in Cyprus:

All mentees and mentors created strong bonds of trust and loyalty between them. The intensiveness of the workshops (one to one sessions) but also the 2 sharing workshops (introductory and final) were unexpectedly fruitful and successful. The mentees were commited to their mentors and vice versa. All mentees had their own ideas and progress however they were a few that found common grounds to work and cocreate something together which gave them satisfaction since they found a way moving forward with their idea. It was a great experience for all of us, especially the mentees that had the opportunity to share their ideas and concerns.