4th Best national practice and experience from Finland

General information:

Name of the good practice: Online Training, Corporate Responsibility
Name of the organisations in charge: Young Entrepreneur Program,
Website of the organisation https://vuosiyrittajana.fi/en/
E-mail of the organisation mari.rakkolainen @nuoriyrittajyys.fi
City Helsinki
Country Finland
Year 2022
Length of the project/practice 12 months
Is the project/practice ongoing? Yes
Link to the training program https://vuosiyrittajana.fi/en/program/
Language of the practice/program Finland

Presentation/Description of the method:

“Entrepreneurship education is a growing trend in education and a part of the curriculums at all levels of education. It is used to reinforce people’s skills, information, and attitudes that they need to succeed in the global economy and the changing working life.” (European Commission) The JA Company Program combines theory and practice for the purpose of learning entrepreneurial skills, competencies and attitude. The program provides educational institutions a turnkey solution for entrepreneurship education and the students a fun and practical tool for learning entrepreneurship and working life skills. The JA Company Program is available to upper comprehensive schools, secondary education establishments, and higher education institutions. It is also possible for an adult student to complete this program. Within the program, the participants establish, alone or as part of a group, a JA company that operates using real money, which they run for a semester, a school year, a calendar year or a period of 12 months.

General objectives

Corporate Responsibility encompasses a company's voluntary, cross-regulatory activities in three areas: financial, environmental and social responsibility. Social enterprises are companies operating in the market whose business idea is to make the solution of solving social or ecological problems and producing social good a profitable business.

Why it has been selected as good practice

One module in NY Entrepreneurship Education focuses on the circular economy and responsibility. The module talks about the circular economy and the business opportunities it brings, as well as responsible business and its key concepts. Several NY companies have based their operations on responsibility and sustainable development.