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Women entrepreneurs in Greece


In Greece, women entrepreneurs deal with many problems, but in the last years female entrepreneurship is more and more established. Stereotypes and prejudices remain the biggest barrier in the development of women’s career. Social standards want women in low hierarchical position in a company or even worst in a house being ‘’wife’’ and ‘’mother’’. It is very difficult for her to claim a position of increasing responsibilities in a company.


Gender inequality

The discriminations related with the gender equality still exist. Women have not equal opportunities with men. The percentage of men in labor market and higher hierarchical position in businesses, is quite higher than women’s. The result of gender prejudices is that women can not develop their career. Women have also the family obligations, as they are responsible for keeping the house. That is the reason that mainly women cover the most of part-time jobs.


Are women entrepreneurs able to succeed?

Definitely women can achieve a lot. They are strong, with willing, competences, skills, instinct, organization, responsibility and flexibility. They have all those which are required in the business world. Women have learned in their lives to cope with multiple responsibilities and obligations and are able to keep balance. They dare, take initiatives and they can dominate in the field of businesses. Women are able to prove that they have even more competences than men and that they can break down the stereotypes.


How WinOnLine can help women?

WinOnLine focus on unemployed women over 40 years old who want to be e-entrepreneurs, but they have low digital and entrepreneurship skills. The project will empower and upskill women, facing difficulties to enter or re-enter to the labor market, by making them self-confident and enhancing them with the required skills.


Women entrepreneurs can offer a lot to the society.