Women In Action

WIN on-line: Women In ActioN


The partnership of the WIN on-line EU project is currently developing a training program, addressing women over 40 years old who want to become e-entrepreneurs. The training material will be available online to support women in gaining comprehensive knowledge in regards to the entrepreneurship field and becoming equipped with the necessary skills and competencies to run their business online and grow as independent entrepreneurs. Throughout the training, they will be able to understand the benefits of e-entrepreneurship and the ways they can possess a competitive advantage in the labour market through the successful implementation of their business ideas.


Online training

The online training course is structured into six (6) training modules and consists of various resources on different and important aspects of e-entrepreneurship. Each training module is supported by a mixture of documents, educational and motivational videos, infographics, effective tools and assessment activities which women can complete for evaluating the knowledge and skills they gained by the completion of the training modules.  The training program is a free-of-charge program, which will be soon available on the project website in the English, Finnish, Greek, Italian and Spanish languages.

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