The importance of e-entrepreneurship featured

The importance of e-entrepreneurship

e-entrepreneurship refers to the establishment of a new company within the Net Economy, which, by using an e-platform in data networks, offers its products and/or services based upon an electronic creation of value (IGI Global).

Crucial role to the development of the e-entrepreneurship is the constant development of technology in the Net Economy and the influence which has on the possibilities for developing innovative business concepts based on electronic information and communication networks (What is e-entrepreneurship? – fundamentals of company founding in the net economy).


But why is e-entrepreneurship so important nowadays?

  • The most important fact is that it allows the companies to reach more people and sell their products and/or services to a broader economic market and why not, all over the world.
  • What is also important is that companies can reduce some costs (for headquarters, employees etc) and invest more money to the development of their products and/or services.
  • Consumers can reach the e-companies from their homes or wherever they are, any time of the day (24/7)


If we want to effectively implement the e-entrepreneurial activities, we should have the required knowledge of what distinguishes them from traditional entrepreneurial activities. We should gain the skills and competences which are necessary in establishing and running an e-company. This is the main objective of our project!

More specifically, our project is addressed to women who want to enter or re-enter the labor market and become e-entrepreneurs. The aim of our project is to support women who do not have the required digital and entrepreneurial skills, to create their e-company.

At this stage, we have developed an online training program focusing to the following topics:

  • What entrepreneurship is
  • From idea to business
  • Digital Marketing
  • Business Networking
  • Fund-raising & financing
  • Presentation of an e-entrepreneurial project (pitch)
  • Legal obligations when starting a business.

The training course will be available online to those who are interested from November 2021, in English, Italian, Spanish, Greek, Lithuanian and Finnish. Be ready and follow our courses!