Compendium of existing innovative and effective practices and tools for women e-entrepreneurship


The compendium will be an innovative package of existing effective practices and tools of women e-entrepreneurship, which will ensure that information compiled in the compendium will be for the use of national training institutions/organisations/colleges who are trying to identify innovative and supporting practices and tools to help women over 40 years old became e-entrepreneurs (this target group has specific profile).

The goal is to introduce users to the range of effective practices and tools for helping women to create their own e-business. The training institutions/organisations/colleges (education community), will be encouraged to browse the compendium to select approaches that meet the needs of specific types of providers (VET or AL).

This information will ultimately be available on the web and will be part of an interactive, search-able tool to link users to the evolving innovative and effective practices and tools in training women how to become e-entrepreneurs. This compendium is to be considered a snap shot of the current state of affairs, and should be updated regularly.

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