Piloting of e-entrepreneurs Training Course in Finland

Piloting of e-entrepreneurs Training Course in Finland

WinOnLine project was a collaboration collaborating for six European partners. (Ylä-Savo Vocational College, Finland) official leader of this project. Part of the Ylä-Savo Municipal Education Federation, it deals with adult education. is an IT, training and consulting company, based in Patras (Greece). Eurosuccess Consulting (Cyprus) which aims to create links between the economy of Cyprus and the European market in general by activating international programs and consolidating the network of partners abroad. Letu (Lithuania) or the Lithuanian trade union for education and science. The Women Union Patras (Greece), the Women’s Union of Patras, a humanitarian organization focused on empowering women and vulnerable social groups, founded in 1991. Errotu, an SME that deals with specialized architecture and aging society Founded in 2014, it has two lines of work: on the one hand, consulting and training, and on the other, project management and development and planning, all oriented to improve the quality of life of people, especially the elderly, through the environment. APID Torino Apid is an employers’ association based in Turin. Apid is a non profit and gender-based association, active in promoting a new entrepreneurial culture, in developing strategies to support women entrepreneurs, equal opportunities, work – life balance, inclusion, diversity and CSRYSAO.

The partners have defined 6 modules dedicated to training. The modules are as follows:

  1. Introduction to entrepreneurship;
  2. From the idea to the business;
  3. Digital Marketing;
  4. Business Networking;
  5. Fundraising and finance;
  6. Presentation of a digital entrepreneurial project (pitch)

The specific objectives of the training were to support women over 40 and those who wish to become digital entrepreneurs and acquire a complete knowledge of the digital entrepreneurship sector, acquire a complete knowledge of the digital entrepreneurship sector acquire the skills and competences necessary to manage their own online business and become independent entrepreneurs, as well as guide them on how to gain a competitive advantage in the job market and promote their innovative business ideas.

Description of piloting in Finland.

Piloting for Win On Line modules and training started on the 28th of February. Group consisted of 10 woman and 2 teachers from YSAO. All the meeting were held online on Teams. Some of the woman already had started their business some of them where at the start line. All the woman shared their stories and how they got here. Group go were introduced to Win On Line project and the goals. All the participants were thought to how to log in and how to get started. Second online meeting was held on 14th March and focused on modules 1-3. Group discussed how they have started studying the modules and how are they doing. Also some feed back were given about the modules they had already been studying. Third meeting was on 28th of March and focused on modules 3-6. At this point we noticed that some of the participants might need some more time to concentrate on each module. Overall feedback of the modules was good, and some correction suggestions were made. Online meeting were easy way to contact all the participants and gave the possibility to take a part on the piloting also from a different cities.

All the woman who participated on the first piloting were asked if they would like to continue to the second step as a mentee. Some of them decided to continue studying the modules and not to continue any further. First mentoring session for the whole group was on 5th of May participants were introduced of the Win On Line idea of mentoring and what are the responsibilities of a mentee and mentor. All the woman also introduced them self’s and what expectations they have on this phase. Finally 3 woman and 2 mentors wanted to continue their relationship as a mentee and a mentor. One pair has met face to face and they were really happy of the outcome and they already had plans for the future. One pair organized their mentoring session on online.  Feedback from mentoring process will be asked on the end of this May.