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Our Compendium is ready!

WinOnLine Compendium for women entrepreneurship is now ready. It is a digital tool, which includes existing innovative and effective practices, methods and tools to support women entrepreneurship/e-entrepreneurship.

Compendium will give useful information and can be used from adult training providers, educational centers/institutions, colleges, universities, experts in women entrepreneurship/e-entrepreneurship and women who are or want to be entrepreneurs/e-entrepreneurs.

WinOnLine project partners worked closely for the development of this tool, by collecting best practices for women entrepreneurship/e-entrepreneurship from their countries, and from other European countries.

At this stage, Compendium contains 25 best practices from 13 different counties. Those countries are: Greece, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, France, Italy, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom and Netherlands.

Project partners will regularly update the Compendium with new best practices, throughout project’s lifetime.

Check it out and learn more about women entrepreneurship!


 Check here the compendium