4th Best national practice and experience from Italy

General information:

Name of the good practice: Diventare Imprenditore
Name of the organisations in charge: Natonal organization for Microcredit and ANPAL
Website of the organisation https://www.microcredito.gov.it/  https://www.diventaimprenditore.eu/
E-mail of the organisation segreteria.yesistartup@microcredito.gov.it
City 12 regions in Italy
Country Italy
Year 2018 – 2022
Length of the project/practice 2 years
Is the project/practice ongoing? Yes
Link to the training program https://www.diventaimprenditore.eu/yes-i-start-up/
Language of the practice/program Italian

Presentation/Description of the method:

Yes I Start Up is a model for training and accompaniment to self-employment and business creation experienced in the three-year period 2018-2020 for young NEETs. It was refinanced for the two-year period 2021-2022 and also extended to inactive women and the long-term unemployed. The training model - designed to accompany business creation through the public finance measure SELFIEmployment, managed by Invitalia and dedicated to NEETs - can be effectively used to accompany other defined groups of recipients (targets) to access for other measures of public finance dedicated to business startups.

General objectives

The portal www.diventaimprenditore.eu was created to provide information and promote the Yes I Start Up and SELFIEmployment Integrated Project initiatives and to provide information on other public finance opportunities intended for self-employment. Yes I Start Up and the Integrated SELFIEmployment Project are two initiatives implemented as part of an institutional agreement between Anpal and the National Microcredit Organization, while Selfiemployment is the revolving fund managed by Invitalia that provides financial support to NEETs, inactive women and long-term unemployed duration.

Why it has been selected as good practice

It has been selected because it is now open for inactive women (while from 2018 to 2021 it wasn’t) as well and it is managed with the support of government agencies. Inactive women can participate in Yes I Start Up have and need to have the following characteristics: Be of legal age; Do not carry out any work activity; not be holders of an active VAT number; Not to be part, as a partner or administrator, of a company registered in the register of companies and active.

Final comments:

The accompanying and training activity is carried out under the responsibility of the National Microcredit Body by Actuators, partners of the private public network specifically created to ensure access to the paths by the target users throughout Italy. The course, free for students, has a duration of 80 hours and is structured, through 18 training modules of 5 hours per day, in two phases: Phase A - basic training modules (60 hours); Phase B - customized accompanying modules and technical-specialist assistance, lasting (20 hours), aimed at defining the Business Plan and preparing the loan application.