3rd Best national practice and experience from Spain

General information

Name of the good practice: Sisters and the city
Name of the organisations in charge: Idoia and Susana Gómez
Website of the organisation www.sistersandthecity.com
E-mail of the organisation info@sistersandthecity.com
City Donostia-San Sebastian
Country Spain
Year 2010
Length of the project/practice 10 years
Is the project/practice ongoing? YES
Link to the training program www.sistersandthecity.com
Language of the practice/program Spanish

Presentation/Description of the method

Idoia and Susana Gómez are two sisters from Donostia who created Sisters and the City, a website where they proclaim and argue their love with Donostia. They write about travel, fashion, gastronomy, design. They move in Donostia as well as around other towns in the area, making excursions and visits. After 7 years working on their website, in June 2016 they published their first guide called "sisterguía" (sisterguide), and in just 6 months became top sales in the chain of stores Fnac. Today they have three guides with different contents. Nowadays, they have 28,5 thousand followers on Instagram and make several products of creative designs (cups, keyrings, bags, notebooks…) that are on sale on their website and in different points of San Sebastian and surroundings. In addition, they stimulate the cultural content of the city of San Sebastian and the Basque Country and offer personal leisure alternatives such as series, books, restaurants, walks, etc. for all audiences.  

General objectives

The project began because their friends always asked them for recommendations from different places (hotels, restaurants, etc.) and they decided to publish everything on a blog so that everybody could have the information on hand. They started offering tips to people who visited Donostia so that they could visit the city as if they were local and no tourists, but soon they saw that a large part of the audience that followed them were people born in San Sebastian, and their followers were growing continuously.  

Why it has been selected as good practice

This project has been selected as good practice mainly because it is a clear example of how the use of technologies and social networks has created and developed what today is the business of these two sisters. The business has been expanding since its beginning, it began to develop starting from a blog on the internet, after they created their own guides about tourism, which they put on sale in different bookstores and establishments in the city, they created merchandising with different products, and nowadays they also give lectures especially in the city of San Sebastian.  

Final comments

Thanks to technology and social media, they have managed to expand on the web and they already have followers all over the world.