1st Best national practice and experience from Malta

General information

Name of the good practice: The Smart Women project
Name of the organisations in charge: The Malta Communications Authority – one of 7 project partners
Website of the organisation https://www.mca.org.mt/
E-mail of the organisation customercare@mca.org.mt
City Valleta
Country Malta
Year 2016-2018
Length of the project/practice 2 years
Is the project/practice ongoing? The project is formally finished, but training material is still available
Link to the training program http://smartwomenproject.eu/training-programme/
Language of the practice/program English

Presentation/Description of the method

The Smart Women project is an innovative European Training Model, focused on women, aiming for encouraging entrepreneurship and putting business ideas into practice. The Smart Women Model combines online learning using online learning platforms and face to face training based on project collaboration, peer-learning, guidance, coaching and counselling.  

General objectives

The aim of this training program is to encourage online entrepreneurship amongst women, as well as to offer the necessary coaching that allows participants to put their business ideas into practice.  

Why it has been selected as good practice

This project was selected as an example of good practise because 5 different training modules were introduced:
  1. Planning your business;
  2. E-Commerce;
  3. Creating digital content;
  4. ICT & Online security;
  5. Digital marketing.

Final comments

The training course structure gave the women insight into interesting tools to use to help bring their businesses online. The training course modules do provide extra resources and reading to help look deeper into some topics for when the course finished and it is now available online: http://smartwomenproject.eu/training-programme/.