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Multiplier Event in Spain

Multiplier Event in Spain

Luckily, the Covid situation has changed a lot during las months, and this time we were allowed to hold the  Multiplier Event “How to become an e-entrepreneur” face to face with no restrictions.

The Multiplier Event in Spain took place the 20th of May from 09:30mto 12:30h.

The Multiplier Event was well attended, and participants showed great interest in the theme of the event. The difficulties to be an e-entrepreneur were explored, the differences with traditional entrepreneurship, and specially being a woman and over 40.  During the event, the Winonline project was presented, and it was discussed how it can benefit women entrepreneurs.

The number of participants reached was 20 (25 together with the speakers and the participants from Errotu) and the event was hosted at Olarain hotel conference room.