Multiplier Event in Italy

Multiplier Event in Italy

At the end of the Erasmus + project, which saw APID Turin representing Italy and international partners such as, Ylä-Savon ammattiopisto from Finland, p-consulting.gr and Patras Women Union from Greece, Eurosuccess Consulting from Cyprus, Lietuvos švietimo ir mokslo profesinė sąjunga from Lithuania and Errotu Taldea from Spain, we were able to sum up a project that has involved us in recent years! On May 12th Apid organized the dissemination event of the project involving persons from the main stakeholders, women entrepreneurs, expert and mentors to share their experience on the project.

Project staff was firstly involved in describing project partnership, activities and results gained so far. Then we heard about the lessons learned by new entrepreneurs and mentors. The most important part of the event was brainstorming on the sustainability of the project and empowering the network between entrepreneurs, beneficiaries and stakeholder.

Around 30 persons participated at the event giving the possibility to disseminate training program and mentoring guide that soon will be available for all in the official webpage of the project as well as in Apid’s website with a direct link.

The path that a startup must undertake, in order to grow on solid foundations, is still very tortuous and with many problems to face: from the numbers provided by the Italian government in the latest edition of the quarterly monitoring report on startups registered in the chamber system, a general picture is perceived which, although recovering after the pandemic, is still not positive enough. In this framework the role of female entrepreneurship is crucial for the future of the Italian startup universe.

However, to ensure the complete success of new business initiatives, projects such as the one implemented by the WinOnline partners, thanks to the support of the Erasmus + program, are fundamental. The same was said by the beneficiaries that already tried in the past to fill the gaps of their knowledge in entrepreneurial competences without too much success. As they said the added value was to be part of the mentoring sessions where they were able to go much more into details in specific topics with their mentors.