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Houston we have a problem

Women constitute 52% of the total European population, but only 34.4% of the EU self-employed and 30% of start-up entrepreneurs are women. At the same time, for a large majority of years and countries for which data are available, women record a higher unemployment rate than men. The problem its much bigger for women over 40 years old, as it is even harder for them to find a job and enter (or re-ender) to the labor market. For women over 40 years old job seekers, getting a job is a challenge. When someone has been unemployed for a long time, he/she may face additional negative assumptions. Put together gender, age and prolonged unemployment is something which makes women over 40 years old a disadvanged group of citizens. Concerns employers have about older and long-term unemployed women job seekers are:
  • skills are out-of-date
  • expertise is out-of-date
  • cost outweighs their value
  • hiring risk

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For the above reasons, an increasing number of women indicate as a solution to their problem to become self-entrepreneur, focusing on e-entrepreneurship.