Women’s e-entrepreneurship Event in Patras, Greece

Women’s e-entrepreneurship Event in Patras, Greece

WinOnLine’s project partners p-consulting.gr and E.GY.PA, co-organised and implemented the women’s e-ntrepreneurship event that took place in Patras on 19.05.2022, with great success.

Due to COVID-19 pandemic, for the past 2 years no physical events took place in Greece. For this reason, p-consulting.gr and Patras Women Union decided to organise together a big Event (a conference), and invited representatives from authorities, public organisations, women-members of the Union, local women entrepreneurs and e-entrepreneurs, unemployed women, stakeholders from all over Greece, etc.

They all gathered and discussed the challenges that women, over 40, face both socially and professionally, when they wish to enter or re-enter the entrepreneurial sector. The main and unquestionable conclusion was that, however big and multiple the challenges for modern women, future lies in e-entrepreneurship.

During the event all results, of the WIN on-line project, delivered by partners were presented such as:

  • The Compendium of existing innovative and effective practices and tools for women e-entrepreneurs
  • The Training course for e-entrepreneurship
  • The Mentoring sessions for aspiring e-entrepreneurs
  • A Video compilation of interviewees-entrepreneurs from all partners’ countries, aiming at elevating and enhancing the status of women e-entrepreneurs

The attendees’ number surpassed all expectations, and there was high interest in the project’s results and to the dates, these results will be openly available to all interested individuals. All participants were offered a certificate of attendance of the event, and they offered back highly positive feedback for our efforts.