Piloting of e-entrepreneurs Training Course in Spain

Piloting of e-entrepreneurs Training Course in Spain

The piloting of Win On-line training course in Spain took place between 14.02.2022 and 08.04.2022. Regarding the results, 25 registrations were collected and finally 17 women completed the course or at least a part of it.

The course was delivered in a blended approach, being 80% on-line and 20% face-to-face. Due to the COVID pandemic, face-to-face meetings finally had to be held online. Below the information about each of the developed meetings:

  1. First meeting (14.03.2022): Welcome to the course, introductions of organisers and participants, explanation of the use of the platform and the registration process, general presentation of the course and deadlines.
  2. Second meeting (07.03.2022): Follow-up meeting, discussions about doubts or barriers encountered, first feedback on the course, etc.
  3. Third meeting (31.03.2022): Last meeting, collect opinions on the course, improvements that can be made, general feedback, level of satisfaction of the participants, etc.

Initially, the course was supposed to end the 31 of march, but after this last meeting we decided to give the participants one week more in order to give them more time to end the course.

In addition to the established meetings, contact via email has been maintained at all times.

The overall feedback has been very positive, confirming that the material created is necessary and useful for women over 40 who want to start their own online business.