Mentoring for the creation of an e-business.

Mentoring sessions in Greece for supporting women in e-entrepreneurship.

WinOnLine’s project partners and E.GY.PA, co-organised and implemented a series of mentoring sessions aiming at supporting women in the development of e-entrepreneurship.


The objective was to offer mentoring based on the results delivered by WinOnLine partners, to women that had an entrepreneurial idea and wished to put into action by building their own business online. Or were simply interested in e-entrepreneurship and learn more about it.

To whom

The mentoring sessions addressed, mainly but not exclusively, women, over 40, especially those who already had taken part in the online training for women e-entrepreneurs. An open call was extended by and E.GY.PA. that was initiated at the beginning of May 2022. Finally, 10 women-mentees, from all over Greece, applied and participated in the mentoring sessions.

When & How

Mentoring lasted for 2 weeks, and it started on Friday 13.05.2022 and was completed on Monday 23.05.2022.  There were 4 sessions scheduled. The agenda that was kept for the sessions and the topics that were covered was the following:

  • 1η session. Friday, 05.2022. Topic: “From Idea to e-business”
  • 2η session. Monday, 05.2022. Topic: “Development of a business plan”
  • 3η session. Friday, 20.05.2022. Topic: “Funding of an entrepreneurial idea”
  • 4η session. Monday, 23.05.2022. Topic: “Promoting of an entrepreneurial idea”

By Whom

There were 5 mentors selected for the implementation of WIN on-line mentoring sessions. All 5 of them have many years of professional experience in adult training and in the topics that were dealt with in the mentoring sessions.


The completion of the mentoring sessions took place in a pleasant and emotional atmosphere. Mentors expressed their satisfaction about the mentees’ performance and commitment. Mentees, on the other hand, expressed their satisfaction and appreciation of the opportunity presented to them, by WIN on-line partners, to participate in these mentoring sessions without prerequisites or other qualifications.