3rd Best national practice and experience from Italy

General information

Name of the good practice: StartupDlab
Name of the organisations in charge: AssoDonna
Website of the organisation https://www.assodonna.it/
E-mail of the organisation team@assodonna.it
City Rome
Country Italy
Year 2019
Length of the project/practice 2 years
Is the project/practice ongoing? Yes
Link to the training program https://www.startupdonnalab.it/
Language of the practice/program Italian

Presentation/Description of the method

StartupDLab is the digital laboratory created to provide support and resources to women who have to face a change of life, achieve goals and dreams and enhance their autonomy and economic independence.  

General objectives

The training courses are supported by a wide network of professionals and companies, to help women to find their way, to define business ideas, to plan and start professional and entrepreneurial activities, to manage them and to make them grow.  

Why it has been selected as good practice

They support startups for entrepreneurs and professionals in starting their own business, to start business or optimize business, with financial sustainability objectives. They have not a specific topic on digital entrepreneurship, but they approach entrepreneurship in every aspect and they have a very “easy to use” module on the first steps to become entrepreneurs in Italy. The training course called Mettersi In Proprio (Become a self entrepreneur) is a digital path and it is inspired by established good practices and innovations in a changing world. It is simple, essential, usable from home. It goes through all the key steps to turn a business idea into a possible reality. It helps along all the necessary steps to start a business or professional activity or to optimize their current business.  

Final comment

It is not strictly connected with the target group, I did not find any specific best practice for women over 40, but it is a good starting point for women who want to set up their businesses using the internet.