2nd Best national practice and experience from Finland

General information

Name of the good practice: “Light Entrepreneurship”
Name of the organisations in charge: UKKO.fi service
Website of the organisation https://www.ukko.fi/en/everyone-has-skills/
E-mail of the organisation asiakaspalvelu@ukko.fi
City Helsinki
Country Finland
Year 2012 -
Length of the project/practice continuous business
Is the project/practice ongoing?
Link to the training program https://www.ukko.fi/en/courses-and-guides/
Language of the practice/program finnish, swedish, english, estonia, russia

Presentation/Description of the method

Trough UKKO.fi light entrepreneurship talented professionals combine the best of entrepreneurship and employment. Being self-employed is on the rise in Finland and light entrepreneurship makes it easy to be self- employed. Easier than setting up a company of your own!
  • Easy invoicing
  • No bureaucracy or paperwork
  • Free registration and no obligations – come and go as you wish
  • Choose your own work and prices
  • No fixed costs

General objectives

UKKO.fi is the leading invoicing service platform for self-employed and freelance professionals in Finland. Do what you love the most and start light entrepreneurship – we take care of the bureaucracy.  

Why it has been selected as good practice

The company has grown rapidly and today we have over 90 000 active users in Finland.  

Final comments

If you have a skill or a passion, you can employ yourself as a light entrepreneur!